About Us

Established in 2015, “MumBabyCare” is affiliated to Re.Breast INC, and was established by Peking University Masters Team to study women's breast rehabilitation care represented by painless way to solve breast problems during lactation, as well as post-natal recovery, pediatric tuina related technology.  In 2016, the ultrasonic painless care technology officially won the national invention patent; the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise of China in 2018. At present, 300 institutions and individuals across the country have joined "MumBabyCare" around China.

Painless Breast Care

For breast problems such as postpartum breast blockage, less milk.

Postpartum Recovery

For the mother, the repair of stretch marks, pelvic floor repairs, etc., service has been highly rated by customers.

Breast Care

For women with hyperplasia of mammary glands and mastitis, the breast is cleared to eliminate breast lumps and nodules in the breast.